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Z.A. Fruit

About Us

Company Z.A. Fruit is a family company founded in Koceljeva in 2000.

It deals with the purchase, freezing, processing, and export of frozen fruit, primarily raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, and plums.

It has two factories, located in the most important fruit growing areas of Serbia, which due to their geographical location and favorable climatic conditions, are known for the production of the best fruit. The refrigerators are located in Koceljeva and KotraĹži and have a total storage capacity of 7,000 tons of frozen fruit.

The annual company processes about 10,000 tons of fruit, which makes it among the largest processors and exporters of frozen fruit from Serbia.

FOR. Fruit is on the list with all major buyers in the EU, and one part of our range is also exported to America. Our clients are the largest European fruit producers, manufacturers of jams, juices, cakes, and fruit yogurts.

Our products

We use the best quality fruit from all over Serbia, grown in optimal conditions including high-quality soil and extraordinary sunshine.

HACCP Certificate
HACCP is a food safety system based on the analysis and control of potential biological / microbiological, chemical and physical hazards to which raw materials are exposed, potential hazards in the handling, production, distribution and consumption of the end product. Its implementation implies compliance with standard operating procedures and instructions that reduce the risks to food safety.
IFS Certificate
IFS is a standard of quality and a standard for food safety in one, developed to check the competence of food manufacturers in terms of safety, but also food quality with the help of one standard, which saves time and money.
BRC Certificate
The standard has been developed to define food safety, quality and operational criteria that should be within the food production organization in order to fulfill its obligations in accordance with legal regulations and customer protection. Product.
KASHER Certificate
The Kosher standard prescribes the production and preparation of food according to specific Jewish regulations and customs. The Kosher certificate guarantees that a particular food product meets the requirements of Torah. Torah prescribes which foods are acceptable for food and the way they should be prepared to be consumed.

Technology and quality

In order to meet all the requirements of the market, our company’s policy is based on providing the highest level of quality and safety of the company’s products and services.